Wild West Meatballs by Will Hamzy

Best Wild West Meatballs using WHH 1879 Ranch Steak Sauce by Wild Will Hamzy. This Steak or BBQ sauce goes back to our Great Grandfather when he was the cook at the famous Texas Goodnight Ranch.

But, first read a story about Wild Will written by his brother Alex.


So I think I’ve been a bit remiss. I’ve talked about Mom. I’ve talked about Charlotte. I’ve even mentioned the boys, Brad several times. How I could have gone this long without bringing up Wild Will, my brother, chief cook, production manager, and bottle washer, is anyone’s guess. So dear reader, here we go. And sorry Brah, you knew this was coming sooner or later. It was later but better later than never.

The first time I saw my brother eat a piece of sushi you could have knocked me over with a feather. I’m not talking an ostrich feather either. Think small, like hummingbird small. Like the runt of the hummingbird litter kind of small.

For as long as I’d known the man, and that’s literally my entire life, I could count on one hand missing fingers the number of times I’d seen something pass his lips that wasn’t meat, potatoes, and possibly green peas if they were served with said meat, potatoes, and stars were in their proper alignment. You might even have got Will to substitute rice for his potatoes, but only on nights of the blue moon when Sirius was in retrograde. He was certainly not the edible adventurer that was scarfing down raw fish in front of me. To this day I’m still unsure as to what brought about such an epicurean metamorphosis but change he did and he’s certainly better for it.

Of course there’s his rather intense fear of nearly all things poultry but that’s for another story.

I bring all this up because I asked my brother what his favorite recipe was for this weeks recipe. I’ll give you 3 guesses what it was and the first 2 don’t count. So, with no more gilding of the lily and even littler adieu I present to you…

Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce
What You Need:

1 – Large Frying Pan with Olive Oil for cooking
1 Jar  – 1879 Steak Sauce by WHH Ranch 
2 LBS – Hamburger
.5 LB – Sausage
1 C – Seasoned Breadcrumbs
1/2 C -Parmesan Cheese
1/2 C- Grated Mozzarella Cheese
2 TBS – Italian Seasoning
1 TSP – Ground Oregano
2 TBS – Dried Onions
1 TBS – Garlic Powder
2 Eggs
Salt & Pepper


What You Do:

1) Mix dried ingredients together.  Beat eggs with a fork. Mix dried ingredients with egg mixture. Add grated cheese.

2) Mix hamburger and sausage together.

3) Mix everything together and make into balls.

4) Cook thoroughly over medium heat.

5) Cover the meatballs with 1879 Steak sauce.

6) Once plated, either drizzle 1879 steak sauce on top or pour on the side a a dipping sauce.


Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce


1) Mix the Sausage and Hamburger in a large bowl

2) Grate the Mozzarella Cheese

3) Grate fresh Parmesan Cheese or use prepared grated Parmesan.

Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce
4) Measure out all your dried ingredients.

5) Beat your eggs in a medium size bowl.

6) Get out the Mother of All Cast Iron Pans and set heat at Medium.

Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce
7) Mix your dried ingredients into the egg and then into the Sausage/Hamburger mixture.
Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce
8) Make into EVEN balls so they cook evenly.  You can do this by hand or with a melon type scooper. 

9) Pan fry your meatballs on medium heat, turning to cook on all sides. 

Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce
10) After meatballs are thoroughly cooked, pour a bottle of 1879 Steak Sauce and heat through.

11) Either drizzle extra 1879 Steak sauce on top or pour on side as a dipping sauce.

Wild West Meatballs slathered with 1879 Steak Sauce
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