WHH RANCH is the bonified originator of Cowboy Candy commenced in 1922. Our Grandmother, Mindie Heironimus was tasked with cooking and doing the chores at the young age of seven. Born in the little town of St. Augustine, Texas, her parents were farmers and loggers. She did laundry using a large wash pot heated by a fire in the front yard. While inside, she cooked on a wood stove. Having a large garden, the family used for themselves, as well as, to sell to the neighbors, they had an abundance of Jalapeño peppers. The Jalapeño bushes grew to 5 and 6 feet tall. Mindie had already mastered the art of canning Bread & Butter Pickles. With the extra Jalapeño peppers, she decided to try to pickle them the same way she did her cucumbers. She layered the peppers with sugar and spices between grape leaves in crocks. The family called them Cowboy Candy.

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