Alex here,

Your “Ponytailed Purveyor” of “Particularly Tasty Goodies”. It feels good to get back behind the keyboard. I can’t speak for your sheltering experience, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in my life. I do believe my wife, the Lovely Charlotte (aka: the “Cowboy Candy Lady” and “Pickle Packin’ Mama Herself”), has been storing up about 12 years worth of honeydews and chores for the “one and ony”. Since, I have a virtual smorgasbord of things left half done as I’ve traveled the highways and byways dragging my “gaggle of goodie”– either that or she’s surreptitiously trying to “do me in.”

I tell you folks she’s even (gasp!) had me “gardening.” Trust me, that’s a lot more ominous than it might sound at first. I was sadly born with a “black thumb.” If you hadn’t guessed, that’s the polar opposite of a “green thumb.” We had a name for my planting style as a kid. We called it “burial.” I’m telling you, “I’ve killed a cactus.”– had a little service and everything.

But as I digress, all things considered we’re doing pretty good. Of course, we are doing our shows with full protection in place. We have sneeze guards, individual tasters and wearing gloves. We even get COVID tested. Thank goodness, we have been blessed and have not been sick yet. During production, we always ensure safe practices. We wash down the entire kitchen with clorox every day.  Unlike a cottage industry or home business, we are are a family owned and operated commercial food manufacturer that is federally and state inspected.  Trust me, this is a very good thing with COVID and unknown viruses on the rise. 

It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, all of us at the WHH Ranch Company want to thank you for supporting us at the shows or ordering online. We absolutely hope everyone is doing well. We miss seeing y’all and pray you’re healthy and happy.

Tuggy, Will, Alex and family

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